Turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a 3D mouse with Cinema4D®!

Navigate in Cinema4D® with i3DMouse and with your iPhone or iPod touch! Move around intuitively with the editor camera through the scene, place your objects and scene cameras by simply rotating your iPhone and with simple finger touches.

    Special features of i3DMouse:
  • Easily configurable UDP connection over WiFi (UPD server available free as a plugin).
  • Intuitive, intelligent control of camera and scene editor cameras.
  • Relative control of scene cameras in the form of a pilot camera.
  • Relative control of the editor camera to active objects and object groups.
  • Absolute placement of objects relative to the monitor (monitor position calibration necessary).
  • Individually customizable control parameters for each rotation axis and motion axis (revers direction, sensitivity, speed, inactivity area).
  • Requires Cinema4D® R12 or R13 (demo version available at and the freely available plugin "iRemote".


Demonstration Videos


Cinema4D® PlugIn Download

The suitable plugin for Cinema4D® R12 and R13 can be downloaded here:

Unzip the archive and copy the folder Py-iRemote into the plugin-folder of your installation of Cinema4D®. If Cinema4D® is already running, you have to restart it, so that the plugin will be loaded.

05.01.2020 • Oxyd®

Sorry, Oxyd® is currently offline.

28.04.2020 • New Oxyd® version in fall 2019

We currently working on new Oxyd® version. More information via Twitter and Facebook.

25.08.2017 • Distribution of old iOS products

Unfortunately we have to discontinue the distribution of our old iOS products as we want to concentrate fully on the development of the new Oxyd® versions.

01-03-2013 • ACG München V1.2 released

Bug fixing for iPads without Retina display ACG München.

11-22-2012 • ACG München V1.1 released

This new version supports now iPhone5 and fixes a bug caused by iOS6-MKMap ACG München.

11-22-2012 • First Cerusit-Teaser

A first teaser of Cerusit is available. (S3D post production by Dongleware)

02-02-2012 • ACG München released

Your personal city-guide through Munich: ACG München. For free!

07-01-2012 • miniRPN and bigRPN released

Today two tiny calculator apps are released for all RPN freaks: miniRPN (iPhone) and bigRPN (iPad). Both apps are for free!

09-09-2011 • iRemote for R13 released

An upate of the plugin for i3DMouse and R13 is now available.

08-26-2011 • i3DMouse released

Our new App i3DMouse is released in Apple´s AppStore. You will find more information about this brand new software for your iPhone here.

08-21-2011 • New WebSite

Today, after a long time, the new Dongleware website is released! New Dongleware products comming soon!

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