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05.01.2020 • Oxyd®

Sorry, Oxyd® is currently offline.

28.04.2020 • New Oxyd® version in fall 2019

We currently working on new Oxyd® version. More information via Twitter and Facebook.

25.08.2017 • Distribution of old iOS products

Unfortunately we have to discontinue the distribution of our old iOS products as we want to concentrate fully on the development of the new Oxyd® versions.

01-03-2013 • ACG München V1.2 released

Bug fixing for iPads without Retina display ACG München.

11-22-2012 • ACG München V1.1 released

This new version supports now iPhone5 and fixes a bug caused by iOS6-MKMap ACG München.

11-22-2012 • First Cerusit-Teaser

A first teaser of Cerusit is available. (S3D post production by Dongleware)

02-02-2012 • ACG München released

Your personal city-guide through Munich: ACG München. For free!

07-01-2012 • miniRPN and bigRPN released

Today two tiny calculator apps are released for all RPN freaks: miniRPN (iPhone) and bigRPN (iPad). Both apps are for free!

09-09-2011 • iRemote for R13 released

An upate of the plugin for i3DMouse and R13 is now available.

08-26-2011 • i3DMouse released

Our new App i3DMouse is released in Apple´s AppStore. You will find more information about this brand new software for your iPhone here.

08-21-2011 • New WebSite

Today, after a long time, the new Dongleware website is released! New Dongleware products comming soon!

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