Audio City Guide München (iPad, iPhone & iPod touch) - FOR FREE!

Our Audio-City-Guide is your personal city-guide through Munich. With it you will visit the most prominent locations in the heart of Munich.

The tour will take you to over 20 places with a walking distance close to two hours. Enjoy Munich’s beautiful and lifely atmosphere. While strolling over the gorgeous places you will receive lots of interesting and exciting information about the place you just see and the tour you walk.

You can make the tour either manually by touching the symbol for a single sightseeing place or you use the GPS controlled tour. Once you have started the GPS controlled tour you can put on your earphone. Switch your device to “inactive”and put it into your bag.

The app works continually in the background. As soon as you pass by a tour spot, you will hear die audio information to that place. On special tour spots you will hear more simple navigation hints.


Special features
  • duration: approx. 2 hours, german spoken audio tour through the heart of Munich
  • includes introduction video
  • functions offline and online (GPS-tour)
  • GPS controlled tour: put on earphone, put your iPhone into your pocket, and start; if you reach a tour spot the audioguide starts automatically
  • map-view and list-view, map-view includes tour-route as well as pictured marks of all sightseeing places
  • detailed view with pictures of all sightseeing places
  • offline map (OpenStreetMap) is integrated in the map, the map functions WITHOUT active data modus (mobile data or WLAN) and avoids roaming-fee
  • integrated help function
  • orientation and navigation hints at special tour spots
  • automatic stop of the GPS tour upon incoming calls and automatic resumption after finish of call
  • shows remaining time and distance until end of tour (in total and to the next tour place, also arrival time if wanted)
  • already visited places will be skipped
  • automatic stop of the GPS tour after leaving the tour area or after a certain time of non usage (accumulator protection)
  • support of Google Maps, Navigon and TomTom for navigation to each tour spot (parallel usage possible)
  • supports background activity (app functions even if it has been switched to background or the iPhone has been switched to inactive)
  • saves already visited places and resumes the tour later on
  • texts available in german and english language (audio in german language only)
  • Retina support
  • iPhone5/iPod Touch5 screen size support
  • compatible with all iPod Touch-, iPhone- and iPad-versions up with iOS 4.2.


More Information and Support


ACG München was developed in cooperation with Creschendo GmbH.

Current Version

V 1.3 (01-23-2013)


iPhone & iPod touch


05.01.2020 • Oxyd®

Sorry, Oxyd® is currently offline.

28.04.2020 • New Oxyd® version in fall 2019

We currently working on new Oxyd® version. More information via Twitter and Facebook.

25.08.2017 • Distribution of old iOS products

Unfortunately we have to discontinue the distribution of our old iOS products as we want to concentrate fully on the development of the new Oxyd® versions.

01-03-2013 • ACG München V1.2 released

Bug fixing for iPads without Retina display ACG München.

11-22-2012 • ACG München V1.1 released

This new version supports now iPhone5 and fixes a bug caused by iOS6-MKMap ACG München.

11-22-2012 • First Cerusit-Teaser

A first teaser of Cerusit is available. (S3D post production by Dongleware)

02-02-2012 • ACG München released

Your personal city-guide through Munich: ACG München. For free!

07-01-2012 • miniRPN and bigRPN released

Today two tiny calculator apps are released for all RPN freaks: miniRPN (iPhone) and bigRPN (iPad). Both apps are for free!

09-09-2011 • iRemote for R13 released

An upate of the plugin for i3DMouse and R13 is now available.

08-26-2011 • i3DMouse released

Our new App i3DMouse is released in Apple´s AppStore. You will find more information about this brand new software for your iPhone here.

08-21-2011 • New WebSite

Today, after a long time, the new Dongleware website is released! New Dongleware products comming soon!

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